Amazon releases Search suggestion tool-by resourceshelf.com

August 18, 2006

Interesting idea that we want to learn much more about. Will people participate beyond tech geeks. Do we call it “controlled tagging” or “end user metadata creation assistance?” (-:
Worthy of much more exploration and monitoring but it’s easy to think how this system (the one we need to know more about) could work in a library setting.
1) User Submits Tags (Keywords) that Explain Relationship between tag and Amazon.com item
2) Editors? (we don’t know precisely how this works) approve or deny
3) If approved, tags help explain relationships, example below.

From the news release:

Search Suggestions are user-submitted recommendations for connecting a product to specific keywords, as well as an explanation of why the connection is relevant. Once a Search Suggestion is approved, the product along with its relevancy explanation appears in search results the next time a customer searches using those keywords. Anyone can submit a Search Suggestion directly from the detail page for a product and there is no charge.
For example, thanks to a recent Search Suggestion from an Amazon.com customer, the Shakespeare play “Macbeth” now appears when customers search for “The Scottish Play.” The customer’s explanation is shown next to a link to the book: “theater superstition dictates that ‘Macbeth’ is referred to as ‘the Scottish play.’”

Come to think of it, Amazon.com’s IMDB has allowed members to submit keywords about movies. They are also reviewed by editors.


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