It’s Official: Web Users Like Search Ads! by did-it.com

August 18, 2006

Original article here

According to an article in Brandweek Magazine, a new study soon to be released by Interpublic Group’s Universal McCann contains some interesting clues as to why search ads are so effective: basically, they’re the form of advertising deemed least offensive by Web users. According to the study, sponsored-search links, along with site sponsorships, banners, and buttons, got the thumbs up from 80 percent of Web users participating in the poll. When delivered by e-mail, however, thier approval rating dropped to just above 50 percent.

On the plus side, several kinds of ads were deemed “acceptable” by a majority of the respondents. Site sponsorships, banners, buttons and Google-sponsored search links were viewed favorably by more than 80% of those polled. But put those same banners, buttons and links in an e-mail and push them to consumers and the level of acceptance drops sharply, with just 48% of those polled in the survey viewing that form of marketing in a favorable light. Not surprisingly, pop-up ads were disliked by all but 12 percent of the respondents.


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